Saturday, January 24, 2009

A note from Amanda...

I've written to Amanda (the girl who brought us together with Kriszta), and this is part of her reply:

Thanks for writing. I am so glad to see you guys are still meeting. I also looked at the site. It’s a great idea. I also noticed you but me as the honorary founder, and I was so deeply moved I teared up. I am just so glad to have motivated knitters to meet and work together. It makes me so proud.
As of late the economy is crashing, so I have just been working a lot. I am working at a zoo making all the food for the animals, and at a bakery in the afternoons. I hope that when things even out a little more the zoo will bring me on full time. I am also trying to knit all the yarn I bought while I was in Europe, but it is a lot of yarn and i don’t get to knit but so much with all the working.

Amanda, I do think of you as our founder, because without you the group wouldn't exist...

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  1. And Anett, I think of you as our enabler, because without you I don't think the group would still exist. :)