Friday, May 1, 2009

Cafe, guests, knitting, etc...

The last couple of meetings were real, real fun! Thank you for everyone who came by, as a member as well as a guest.... as we had a couple of guests also! There is only one thing more exciting than meeting old friends fro a good knit-out, is when someone comes up to out table and asks "are you the knitters?"
And we also have a new member!!! Natalia from New-Mexico, welcome!!! I hope we can see you often from now own... (and selfishly I also hope that with Jenny going---please, please stay with us!) I will still have someone to knit with...
And as for the other members, Tania, Dinara, Kriszta, Nicole we miss you!

Ok, now for practicalities... next week is the usual, California Cafe, Szt. István tér, 5.45.

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