Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This week is different!!!

We ARE oing to meet in the cafe in the middle of the Szabadság tér (really close to the US embassy) at 5.45... if it is possible we will try to get a seat in the south side, the one which is closer to the playgrounds (I will have Christopher with me(

As for last week, (I can't post comments from here) yes we were there, first we were eating and then we were knitting and crocheting. We did sit inside though (because of the heat) on the sofa closer to the Bazilika...
In fact we had a great surprise as a lady walked up to us and asked if we are the club, because she read about us on Ravelry and then she checked this blog.
Terri was very nice and friendly, it was a joy to have her as a guest, and I am so sorry if someone else missed us, because we always love to have more people with us.

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  1. I planned to join the meeting today but I could not get to Arany János utca from Kispest because the metro did not work. I am so sorry! I can not go in the following weeks (I will be a busy mother)but will not give up. See you someday/soon. I am sure you enjoyed knitting along.
    Best wishes, Gabi