Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I can't comment

For whatever reason from where I am now, so here is a new post...

D.P: Yes, we will (hopefully) keep meeting as long as there is at least two of us ...we always love to have guests, visitors, new members, whatever else... I will always post here where we are meeting next, but if you look me up on ravelry I will send you my phone-number, just to make sure...as I have a tendency to put up the notes at the last minute (and no other member does it in my place..hint, hint :-)

Everybody, there is a nice looking sock yarn sale here, go see, it definitely worth it.

Gabi, there are some new yarns at the second hand shop and now there is a few skein that would be suitable for felting. I got some of it, but there is still enough left (mainly mustard, and a bit of blue and mauve) to worth the trip there.

See everyone tomorrow at the California Cafe.

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