Saturday, September 19, 2009

The usual...

Sept 23, again the California Cafe at St István tér, at the Bazilika...
It is so wonderful, that finally knitters are coming and again, we have new members again...
Welcome Kati and Regula...
And can't wait to see Darlene and Carrie...


  1. I added a post last night but it must not have taken. is this the address of the California cafe? Etterem 1051 Budapest, hercegprimas ut

    Please let me know so we can be there on Wednesday.


  2. yes, that is it.
    if you just look for the Bazilika, you can't miss it.
    But in case you can't find it, my cell phone number is 06 30 373 88 44

  3. Egy ideje én is nagyon készülök, talán ma nem jön közbe semmi és el tudok menni. Ha van még hely új tagoknak. :)

  4. Hello bp craft club! It was so great to meet all of you on Wednesday night. I have not been able to upload any of my photos from here. We leave tomorrow :(

    I have the next 2 days off so I will be able to upload my pictures then and will post a link.

    My niece, Carmen, enjoyed meeting all of you as well. She mentioned the group to a couple of the women in her program that knit/crochet so you may well be see some new young faces at your future meetings.

    One of the GREAT things I have discovered by crocheting in public is it is almost as good as having a baby or dog in public. It will frequently start a conversation with someone I did not know!

    I wish I could have had more time to get to know each of you more -- perhaps on ravelry! Since I left Seattle, I have finished the shawl I brought to show you at the meeting, the blue scarf I was working on during our get together and then a lavender scarf from one of the skeins of yarn I bought here! I may count that one as TWO since I finished it once but it was too short and wide so I just started again pulling it apart as I crocheted and made it thinner and longer!

    I look forward to becoming your friends on ravelry and will peek into your blog from time to time.