Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Andi, thank you for the pictures! here are some more because succes...

WWKIP day was, that there was sixteen of us at the end. Yes, sixteen I was overwhelmed, and so happy I didn't gave it up years ago. So many people I couldn't even get everyone on one picture, but I hope there will be more uploaded. Here are some guests, whom I only knew from their blog, Melinda and Zazalea, and Gabi examining some of their winnings:

As there was a raffle, and so many donated yarn that everyone could have something. Thank you Barkafonal, Ritarenata, and Erika for the generous donations.

The day ended way to early, and I can't wait for next year...Also we agreed to have one meeting a month at the weekend, so those who are not available in weekdays could join us too.